Leonor Vulpe Albari

Advocacy Officer

London, United Kingdom

English, French, some Spanish

Statehood, Recognition of Governments under PIL, Enforcement of PIL, International Criminal Law

Following an unusual trajectory, I completed an LL.M. in International Laws at Maastricht University (Netherlands), before achieving an undergraduate degree in law. I quickly realized while representing Maastricht at the Jessup moot 2015 that international law was my calling. I then completed a BA of Jurisprudence (Senior Status) at the University of Oxford and, though immersed in contract and tort, I never lost sight of my first love. When not caring for various living creatures and thinking about climate change, I can be found trying to make international law more accessible and writing about the ways in which public international law has a practical impact on States and their citizens.

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Leonor Vulpe Albari