Which countries support Beijing’s new security laws in Hong Kong?

Amy Langley, Chief International Officer

8 Jul 2020

China managed to rally the support of 53 States in respect of the new (and very strict) national security legislation enacted on the 30th of June for Hong Kong.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) heard both support and criticism of the recently-enacted and sweeping legislation at its 44th session in Geneva. Only 27 States criticized the new laws, including the UK, Canada, Japan, Australia and many countries in Europe. Though not a part of the UNHRC since 2018, the United States also voiced its opposition. On the other hand, the supporters, led by Cuba, include North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria and multiple African States.

Find the full list and an analysis of the session in this Axios article: https://www.axios.com/countries-supporting-china-hong-kong-law-0ec9bc6c-3aeb-4af0-8031-aa0f01a46a7c.html