Isreal and UAE to commence diplomatic relations in historic move

Ahmed Farooq, International Law Officer

14 Aug 2020

Through a deal largely facilitated by the US Trump administration, Israel and the United Arab Emirates have struck a deal to normalize diplomatic relations. In exchange for the commencement of political relations with the UAE, Israel will, for now, forego any plans of annexing the West Bank.

To date, Israel has had virtually no clear diplomatic ties with any Gulf Arab countries. Palestinians, however, have been worried about the existence of discreet ties between Israel and the UAE for a while. In the past, mutually shared concerns over Iran had given the two countries opportunities to come together.

Palestinian authorities view this move towards the establishment of political relations as a betrayal by the UAE. A representative for Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, stated that the deal amounted to "treason". The Palestinian ambassador to the UAE was also recalled.

US President Trump, however, viewed the deal positively. He referred to the occasion as “a truly historic moment”. Trump further stated that he now expects that more Arab countries will follow in the steps of the UAE.

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