Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza for the eighth consecutive night

Pratik Purswani, International Affairs Officer

18 Aug 2020

Israeli warplanes bombed the Hamas-ruled Gaza strip for the eighth consecutive night after alleging that Palestinians fired a rocket into southern Israel.

Israel has warned Hamas that it is risking a “war” by not stopping the incendiary balloons being launched across the border. Warplanes and drones belonging to the Israeli army have struck several facilities and security posts that belong to Hamas, wounding several people. No deaths have been reported so far.

The violence in the region is on a rise as Israeli jets, as well as artillery and tanks, attack Hamas targets. The Israeli reprisal is in response to the rockets and balloons that have been launched into Israel, causing over a hundred blazes during the dry season in Israel.

This comes at a time when Israel announced the normalizing of relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Palestinians see this move as a sign of betrayal by the UAE. Demonstrators in Gaza city protested by burning Israeli flags and pictures of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As a part of punitive measures, Israel banned fishing off Gaza’s coast and also disallowed fuel imports into Gaza. In addition, Israeli grid has reduced power supply from earlier eight hours a day to now only four hours a day. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) warns that this could create serious problems for the healthcare sector in Gaza.

Watch a brief history of the Israel–Palestine conflict here: