International community expresses concern over escalating tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Ahmed Farooq, International Law Officer

2 Aug 2020

The 12th of July 2020 saw an armed conflict transpire between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The two-day battle resulted in the deaths of approximately twelve Azerbaijan soldiers and four Armenian soldiers.

The international community immediately responded to the escalating tensions between the two countries. Based on United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions, many nations have called for Armenia to withdraw their forces from Azerbaijan completely.

Neighboring countries, such as Turkey, have expressed concern over stability and peace in the region if relations between the two countries continued to weaken. Turkey’s foreign minister conveyed deep concern for Armenia’s aggression and territorial pursuits.

Additionally, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) stated that they were disturbed by Armenia’s actions and demanded the full and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian forces from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

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