Are you interested in a career in international law and affairs? 


The Article 33 Institute (Article 33) is an independent organisation with the goal of enhancing young professionals' expertise on international law and affairs. We hope to inspire innovative approaches and critical thinking on issues faced by international law in an ever-changing international climate.


Article 33 aims to provide a forum for discussion and debate on prevalent, and emerging trends in international law and affairs. By targeting youth and young professionals, the institute seeks to educate and expand the next generation’s knowledge, skills and experience, not only in all aspects and areas of international law (including private international law, criminal law, public international law, international humanitarian law), but also in global governance, international affairs and the work of international courts and tribunals.

Our Mission

International connections are of more importance than ever before. Article 33’s mission is to promote and build international connections amongst emerging generations, and to build a network of passionate young professionals engaged in international law and affairs. We aim to target young professionals aged 16 - 29 years of age.


Education should not be nationally isolated; education transcends borders. We live in an interconnected world, yet a disconnect still exists in today’s youth on the relations between States, and the operation of the rule of law at an international level.


Our mission is to:

Transcend Borders

Enhance Understanding of International Affairs

Inspire Innovative Analysis

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